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MICE Calendar of Events 2018-2019

Name of the event Date Venue Lead Institution
Events for year 2018
Past Events
1 Committee of the 10 Ministers of Finance 11th– 13th January Kigali Convention Centre
2 East Africa NCD Alliance Mult-Stakeholders workshop 25th– 27th January La Palisse
3 UN Women-Consultative Meeting 08th– 09th February Kigali Marriott Hotel UN Women
4 Africa Tech Summit 12th– 14th February Kigali Marriott Hotel Africa Tech Summit
5 GCRF frontiers of development Symptosium 12th– 14th February Park Inn Business Events EA
6 FANAF – 42nd GA The Federation of African National Insurance companies 12th – 15 th February Kigali Convention Centre
7 2018 Africa Continental Road Championships 13th – 18th February TBD
8 Horticulture Connect Conference 15th February Kigali Convention Centre RDB
9 All Africa Pastor Gathering 19th-20 thFebruary Lemigo Hotel Pray for the All-Africa Pastors
10 Dot Finance Africa 21st – 22nd February Kigali Convention Centre DOT Finance Africa
11 ALU School of Business 2nd – 13th March Kigali Convention Centre ALU School of Business
12 SDGCA Every Life Matters 8th – 9th March Kigali Convention Centre
13 East African Diabetes Working Group 11th – 14th March Kigali Convention Centre East African Diabetes Study Group
14 Africa Peer Review Mechanism-Methodology Forum 12th – 15th March Marriott Hotel MINAFFET
15 African Union of Broadicasting Conference 12th – 16th March Kigali Convention Centre African Union of Broadcasting(AUB)
16 Content management System Conference (CMS) 16th– 17th March Kigali Marriott Hotel
17 Extraordinary African Union Summit 17th– 21st March Kigali Convention Centre
18 The 14th Gender Summit 19th– 20st March Kigali Convention Centre
19 Sweden East Africa Community Conference (SWEACC): HEALTH AND GROWTH: COLLABORATING IN eHEALTH AND MedTech. 20th – 21st March Gorillas Gold Hotel Swedish-East African Chamber of Commerce
20 The East Africa Centre for Research and Innovation in Social Work(CRISOWO-World Social Work Day 20th – 22nd March Kigali Conference and Exhibition village CRISOWO
21 International Conference on Responsible and inclusive Finance 21st – 22nd March Kigali Marriott Hotel AMIR
22 Second annual RISE conference 22nd March Marasa Umubano Hotel Africa Development Promise
23 Next Einstein Forum 26th– 28th March Kigali Convention Centre NEF
24 Customer Experience Chapter Rwanda 2018 27th – 28th March Kigali Serena Hotel Seraph Network
25 Cloud and Security Summit 28th – 29th March Marriott Hotel RISA/RDB
26 Africa Public Sector Conference & Awards 20th April Kigali Convention Centre Africa Public Sector
27 Regional Employment Forum 24th– 25th April Kigali Convention Centre
28 Mo Ibrahim Foundation Good Governance Meeting 27th– 29th April Kigali Convention Centre Mo Ibrahim Foundation
29 23rd WCO ESA Governing Council Meeting 3rd– 4th May Kigali Convention Centre
30 4th Edition of the SOAS Arbitration in Africa Conference 2nd – 4th May Kigali Convention Centre KIAC
31 AFROSAI-E Governing Board Meeting 7th – 10th May Kigali Marriott Hotel AFROSAI-E
32 AFROCACY Conference 2018 7th – 10th May Kigali Marriott Hotel
33 Transform Africa Summit 7th – 10th May Kigali Convention Centre Smart Africa
34 ACSA Constitutional Review Committee Meeting 13th – 18th May MINIJUST
35 EAC Regional Conference on eHealth 15th – 18th May Serena Hotel Pan African Movement
36 AMCOW Meeting for the validation of 2017 Africa Water & Sanitation 21st – 23rd May Park Inn Ministry of Environment
37 International Conference on Human Rights and Prison reform 21st – 25th May Lemigo Hotel International Cure
38 Aviation Safety Management Symposium for Africa and Ocean(AFI) States 21th – 25th May Kigali Convention Centre RCCA
39 25th African Day 22nd – 25th May Serena Hotel Panafrican Movement
40 SG 2018 The power of saving groups. Inclusion. Resilience. Empowerment 22nd – 24th May Kigali Convention Centre The Mango Tree
41 12thINTEREST AIDS 28nd May – 1st June Kigali Convention Centre INTEREST
42 Pan African Federation of Accountants (PAFA) 4th – 6th June Ubumwe Grand Hotel
43 Africa Innovation Summit 6th – 8th June Kigali Convention Centre
44 2018 Pan African Dental Surgeons Conference 8th – 10th June Mille Collines
45 Swift Africa 20th – 22nd June Kigali Marriott Hotel Swift Africa
46 COMESA Connect Forum 20th – 23nd June Kigali Convention Centre
47 Kigali International Fashion Week 21th – 23nd June Ubumwe Grand/Serena
48 WHO – GIM (Global Immunization Meeting) 23th – 30nd June Kigali Convention Centre
49 All Africa Conference of Churches 1st – 7th July Kigali Convention Centre All Africa Conference of Churches
Upcoming Events
50 The Eastern Africa Reproductive Health Network (EARHN) 17th – 18th July Marasa Umubano Hotel Ministry of Health
51 GSMA M360 Africa 17th – 19th July Kigali Convention Centre Mobile 360 Series
52 Shyuha Auto Show 21st July IPRC, Kicukiro
53 7th Africa Students and Youth Summit (ASYS) 25th – 28th July KCEV Ministry of Education
54 Annual International Hospitality & ECO-sustainability Conference(IHTEF- Rwanda) 27th – 28th July Ubumwe Grand Hotel RRA
55 Panafrica dance Festival 29th July – 2nd August Stade
56 Africa Tax Administration Forum(ATAF) 30 th – 31 st July
57 African Karate Championship August Stade
58 BAOBAB Summit 2018 7th-15th August Kigali Convention Centre
59 Transformation Higher Education: Research, Learning, Teaching and Assessment for Sustainable Development 15th – 17th August Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village University of Rwanda (UR)
60 Youth in Agriculture 20th – 22th August Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village Amahoro Stadium
61 AGRF(African Green Revolution Forum) 3rd – 7th September Kigali Convention Centre
62 Africa Leadership Mauritius 3rd – 9th September Kigali Convention Centre
63 7th Day Adventist Church Conference 7th – 14th September Kigali Convention Centre
64 MA Exhibitions 11th – 13th September Kigali Convention Centre
65 Safety in African Aviation (SiAA) conference 13th – 14th September Kigali Convention Centre Safety African Aviation
66 African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative 17th – 18th September Marriott Kigali
67 Capacity Media Meeting 14th – 23st September Kigali Convention Centre
68 AfSHG/H3Africa-International Conference of African Society of Human Genetics 17th – 21st September Kigali Convention Centre
69 AMAA 22nd Sept Kigali Convention Centre
70 Itron Africa Conference 18th – 24th September Kigali Convention Centre
71 2nd AFRO – DSA Congress 2018 21st – 24th September Kigali Convention Centre
72 13th International Conference on ICT for development, Education & training -e-learning Africa 27th – 29th September Kigali Convention Centre eLearning Africa
73 Smart Grid Africa 1st – 4th October Kigali Convention Centre
74 Women Leadership Economic Forum 7th – 9th October Kigali Convention Centre
75 Youth Connekt 8th – 10th October Kigali Convention Centre
76 Innovation Prize in Africa conference 11th – 12th October Kigali Convention Centre
77 Annual General Assembly & Conference (Titanium) 13th – 17th October Kigali Convention Centre
78 All Africa Purpose Driven Leadership Congress October Kigali Convention Center
79 8th FIFA Meeting 28th – 29th October TBC FERWAFA
80 7th African Geothermal Conference (ARGeo -C7) 29thOct- 02nd November Kigali Convention Centre
81 Renewable Energy for Sustainable Growth/Unlocking Solar Capital Africa 5th – 8th November Kigali Convention Centre
82 Water Africa, East Africa building and construction seminar and exhibition 6thOct- 8th November Kigali Convention Centre
83 African Care Emergency Conference (AFCEM 2018 ) 7th – 9th November Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village
84 5th International Conference on Family Planning 12th – 15th November Kigali Convention Centre International Conference on Family Planning
85 Africa Green Growth Forum 29th – 30th November Kigali Convention Centre
86 19th Annual General Assembly and Scientific Conference of COSECSA/ASAP 5th – 7th December TBC
87 Build Expo Group 6th – 8th December Kigali Convention Centre
88 5th Kaizene Conference 13th – 14th December Kigali Convention Centre
89 Great Lakes Private Sector Investment Conference December Dates TBC Kigali Convention Centre
Events for year 2019
1 African fine coffee and Exhibition (AFCCE) 13th – 15th february Kigali Convention Centre
2 Africa Tech Summit 13th – 15th february Marriott Kigali
3 Aviation Africa Event (airshow) Feb, Dates TBD TBC
4 Africa Medical Research Foundation(AMREF) 3rd – 7th March TBC
5 Africa CEO Forum 3rd – 7th March TBC
6 Africa Women Leadership Conference 28th – 30th March TBC
7 RAM KATHA Kigali 6 th – 14th April Kigali Convention Centre
8 AGRIVIVE 29th – 30th April Kigali Convention Centre
9 AWASH 22 nd – 24th May Kigali Convention Centre
10 Transform Africa Summit May Kigali Convention Centre
11 Eisenhower Fellowship Conference June Kigali Convention Centre
12 Youth Connekt 8th July Kigali Convention Centre
13 7th International Africa Palliative Care Association Conference 17th – 20th September Kigali Convention Centre
14 Africa GIS Conference 22nd – 24th November Kigali Convention Centre
15 ICASA December TBC